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Use Sound Cards For Your Next Promotion

Use Sound Cards For Your Next Promotion


You’ve seen and heard them at Christmas and at birthdays – cards that play music and talk to you.

Now use this idea to excite your customers – surprise them with a Sound Card recorded with your message and printed with your story. You can send cards to your customers with a message from 10 to 180 seconds long.

Your customers will smile when your card talks to them and out of sheer curiosity they’ll close and open it again. Then they’ll play it to others.

Every time they show off the card they’re getting your message. They’ll keep it and every time they see that card they’ll think of you.

Promotion Ideas

Inviting customers to breakfasts, product launches or trade shows.

Change of address cards.

Announcing new procedures, etc. to your staff.

Presenting your new 30 second radio or TV commercial

Exciting dealers/resellers to join in an incentive campaign.

Promoting an overseas conference with the  language and sound effects of the destination.

Requesting donations for charities.

Selling tickets to VIP, fund raising dinners or conventions with a grab of a sporting legend.

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